Nunes blames knee injuries and lack of a 'strong voice' in her camp for loss to Pena

Didn’t she start her own camp or was that after this fight?

Surrounded by yes men in her own world now?

News broke after the fight

Brazilian excuses


Always the worst aren’t they?

I didn’t win because my nextdoor neighbours cat died when he was seven. …yes before we met.


Im Not Surprised Nate Diaz GIF by UFC


A Brazilian champ loses, I have been waiting fir the excuses, they are always epic, and Amanda has not failed to impress, basically “2 arrows to the knees and its someone else’s fault for not making me pull out.”


Brazilians gonna Brazil.


That’s part of the game.

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What a turd.

Turns on the camp that made her “the GOAT” just because she got exposed.

U know excuses are coming when they go “I don’t want to make any excuses”

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There’s your wmma goat lol.

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She back people…

She back!

shes gone 5 rounds before - no problem
i believe her
crap cardio is the only way she could lose to pena

Yeah except she has had cardio issues before

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