Nut Shot

I help out at round up here on a ranch on the Big Eye.
The calves pretty much just bleeting because of not having their mom. After castrating them, sterilize them, we let them loose in the pasture to their moms. They just hop up like nothing, don't walk like they hurt or anything. Pretty funny sight cause after rounding up the cattle and seperating the moms from the claves, the moms surround the roundup pens facing in, just mooing for their calves. When they reunite, they just walk off to eat grass in the pasture.

The balls goes in a bag, the cook heats up the wok, slam in some oil, and BAM! Rocky Mountain oysters!

I forgot to add, mugging calves is fun! Just knock'em down (they are dragged/roped by the cowboy on a horse), and pretty much like armbarring, you grab the front leg do an armbar, only difference is holding the hoof bending it in at the first joint.