NY MMA Smokers?

Im from Long Island,NY. I'm 1-0 in AM MMA and looking for smokers or AM events in the area. I know of some events in NJ, are there any smokers upcoming in the NY area though?

Email gijoe6186@yahoo.com

define smoker?

There amatuer bouts that take place usually between gyms, especially in NY because NY doesnt sanction MMA, so most matches are smokers. Unofficial matches.

Old thread, but I found a bunch of places near me now.

check out www.savevaletudo.com for a pretty big smoker.... lol.. now that i know what it means, i can use it correctly in a sentence.. hahaha...

Yea, I'm familiar with the underground, my bro has fought in them and I probably will in the winter.

I'm taking one upstate in September.