NYAC Wrestling Dec 18-19

Thought some of you in the NYC-area might be interested in checking this out:

The NYAC Christmas International Wrestling competition will be held this weekend: Dec 18-19.


Women's & Men's Freestyle on Saturday, and Men's Greco-Roman on Sunday.


It's been a long time (and I mean decades), but I have very fond memories of the NYAC, team members, and their Christmas Tournament. Merry Christmas.

Rich Salamone

Salamone, I would like to have seen you compete at the NYAC. I think you can still hang with most of the young guns. Do you still compete any? Did the consilidation of weight classes over the years hurt you any?

Hi Suplexman,

Thanks for the kind words. I still compete occasionally but now in submission wrestling, jiu jitsu, and MMA. I do miss the old freestyle days; some great memories. Actually, the weight classes changed after I retired in 1988. And I was still considered a "small" 48 kilo wrestler! I was disappointed to see that change as, I believe, there should be at least one weight class lower than the current 55 kilo. There have been some unbelievable 48 and 52 kilo competitors over the years (e.g., remember Dmitriev (USSR) and Takada (Japan)? Anyway, that's just my opinion.

Happy Holiday's.

Rich Salamone