NYC cyclist uses Brazilian jiu-jitsu to fight off two attackers

All that showed me is BJJ is terrible for multiple opponents. Does that female really count? No

If that second person was a dude (which it almost always is) he could have easily soccer kicked his head off or landed a bomb while he was playing on the ground.

I love BJJ but it’s for one on one applications. Also if you are on bottom it can help you get to your feet.

The only thing I’ve ever seen work in real multiple opponents attacking scenarios was boxing. Throwing hands we actually have evidence of it working. Maybe a quick judo/wrestling trip to throw someone to the ground while you remain standing and engage the other person.

Running away is your best option if able.

I always found that backing yourself into a corner works best for multiple attackers . I do that so I know no one can sneak up behind me . I have all my attackers in sight and I would just start swinging bombs . I would usually try and lay out the biggest one first and work my way down .

Well, Id like to know the results of this.