NYC meet and greet... Any chance?

Hey guys any chance of a NYC meet and Greet with Dana White?!?!? Super excited about this card... Would be awesome to be able to squeeze one in!!!

Pass it along to the right people please!!! Phone Post 3.0

No Phone Post 3.0

I'm in!!?! Phone Post 3.0

In Phone Post 3.0

You have to ask for a meat and greet. 

Yeah there was someone in here that set it up last time in a few different cities...i forget who that was Phone Post 3.0

Someone has to remember who was doing them! Come on guys bump this so we can at least try to make it happen!!! Phone Post 3.0

Yeah...She's gone, so nope. Phone Post 3.0

Cindyo used to do them but don't expect her back anytime soon if ever.

The other possibility is saucylv but I don't know if she ever set up meet and greets. Phone Post 3.0

Any way to get in touch with her?? Phone Post 3.0

Try an att: saucy thread I guess. She posts here regularly. I wouldn't get my hopes up though, afaik a meet and greet hasn't been done in quite a while. Phone Post 3.0

He's from Boston in spirit. No way he would be nice to NYC dipshits! Bagels suck by the way.

Congrats on getting mma through. Hope he does do a small meet and greet. You guys have waited for it! Phone Post 3.0

Yeah waited way too long...come on peeps hook the underground up!!! NyC UFC is coming!!! Phone Post 3.0

I met Dana twice. He's a really good guy. The first meeting was by chance at a restaurant like 7 years ago, told me a lot about his character. Came up to our table, introduced himself to everyone. Just an impressive display of common courtesy and fan appreciation, with no cameras or anything around.

It's tough, because this forum ran CindyO off, by some being unappreciative assholes. Maybe the UFC needs a new conduit to arrange these? Then when one city gets a meet n greet, the next city is going to expect it or feel let down.

Will be a sad day for MMA when Dana steps down, I hope he's the promoter/President until he's Arum's age at least.

So should I ask saucy or are you? Phone Post 3.0

Joe_LaTour - So should I ask saucy or are you? Phone Post 3.0
Can you? I have no relationship with her...

Thanks Phone Post 3.0

And whats with the vote downs? 3 because i asked for something in NYC... Figured a bunch undergrounders would appreciate it... Phone Post 3.0

Whatever happened with Cindy Os case? She in the pen? Phone Post 3.0