nyc mma show rocked

the event rocked. there were some TOUGH and SKILLED dudes fighting, plus i got to meet the illustrious phatboy.

Damn, sounds good. What was the best fight of the night? Good atmosphere? Maybe I'll come to the next one.

hard to say what the best fight of the night was. i liked this badass greco-roman dude, but i also was impressed with this machado purple belt. yet, the heavyweight judo guy taking on the heavyweight five-animal kung fu sifu was pretty entertaining.

the atmosphere was the gracie "in action" tapes meets "fight club", only with about 250 spectators. there should be something on tomorrow about it.


what was that BJJ dude vs. Gung fu guy like?

... to yo mutha?

Couldn't make it yo, I was at Six Flags. I wanted to come SO bad....

the 5 animal kung fu guy fought the judo guy, and i swear to god it was the first time i'd ever seen actual kung fu hand techniques used in an mma fight. he landed a few punches and blocked a few, but it seemed he had problems coping with hooks. of course, once it went to the ground it was all over...

christian! do you have rene's email address? he bolted before i could interview him.

No pay? RESPECT!

I took pics and will post tonight or tomorrow.

I also have some video.

Some mismatches, some brutality, knees to the head on the
ground, bear knuckles to the face etc.

I went to the last one, and will go to the next.

TTT for Jimbo (give him his bread) Too bad they could not
find anyone man enough to fight you.



I'll have his people contact your people ...
is your email still your full name @ hotmail?
i'll try sending that now.

i may have to check out the next one email me when its up PS lets all meet up in AC

daren, this one was definitely a good one.

christian, thanks, he emailed me.

I'm sorry I missed it.

siouxnyc, I've still got a DVD of the last one for you here at my desk.

thanks willybone. the production crew that was doing the documentary is making a dvd of this one - when the promoter sends it to me i'll send it to you.

wtf? mma in nyc.... someone let me in on the secret!!

James "MADDOGG" Meals

who was the greco roman guy?


was he russian? i know they have a great club out in brooklyn

the greco-roman dude was eric uresk, and he does train at that club in brooklyn. unfortunately, he said he wants to spend the next 6 months focusing on the greco-roman nationals, so we won't see him in mma for a while.