NZ Vale Tudo Fighters

I am wondering about the New Zealand vale tudo scene, who do people reckon are the best vale tudo fighters in New Zealand? There doesn't seem to be that many fighters in the country

Neil is the best example of kiwi fighting spirit that u guys can hope for. Luckily he more lives up to it!

Neil is a green haired cock eater!

i agree Neil would have to be the best, and i look forward to him getting back on the mat.

Dion Crouch is still around but think he has been fighting kickboxing in melbourne.

Carl Webber is hopefully coming out of retirement later in the year. he is also very good.

It may get interesting over here soon, with Jason Suitte having 2 Brazilian Black belts teaching at his gym. Also he competed in pride last yead.

Ray Sefos brother Rony fought in pride on new years eve. I have also heard that pedro lima is teaching at Sefos gym in west auckland.

What about Rob Cooper? Doesn't he have the middleweight title or something?

Rob Cooper is a very good fighter, in fact he would probably tell you he is the best fighter on the planet.

Not sure about the rest of the local scene but Scott Benson has been around a while and Hiriwa Te Rangi is always tough.

Dion may be back in MMA this year he was concentrating more on kickboxing in the latter half of 2003.

NZ has also sent a couple of good fighters to Australian shores, Ngakou Spain and James Tung are both good fighters. Ngakou just fought a shootboxing match in Japan, unfortunately losing by 2nd round KO to Kenichi Ogata.

Isn't rob currently a bit overweight for his supposed weight class? Last time i saw him fight it took him a long time to finsh an opponent that was very average and had very little experience

Rob generally walks around a bit heavier than his fight weight.

Rob at times, seems more interested in putting on a show or trying something he has seen on streetfighter than in getting a sure win. Though at times he may appear to be clowning he is a very competent fighter with a good record in MMA and Thai boxing.

We will be looking for a match for Rob later in the year so the door is open if you fancy your chances:)

Fire me a mail and we'll see what can be worked out.

Well tell rob to lay off the pies and he will have a decent opponent for a change

i will see rob tomorrow and will tell him you told him to lay off the pies. looks like he just found his next opponent.

Graham will tool Rob no problem.

"i will see rob tomorrow and will tell him you told him to lay off the pies. looks like he just found his next opponent"

OH NO! Look out hes going to tell rob!

Then youll be in trouble G.

Good thing Im here to do the smack talking on your behalf.

By the way, Te Paa is the best in NZ.

Yeah Matt is a great fighter and a cool guy to boot.

Graham, If you could forward me your details, and details of any other Christchurch boys looking for fights, then I will pass them on.

Apparently there are a few promoters who have voiced an intent to put on Vale Tudo in the Upper North Island this year. I'm just hoping it all comes together as the sport over here is in desperate need of a boost.

i would be worried about getting into the ring with someone who would try and "tool" people, maybe he should try matbattle first, sounds like his scene.

I would be worried as well. I dont know who is talking smack on my behalf but their choice of language is of concern. Now it sounds like the smack is really starting now, but I will be civilised and have no more of it. May the best man win when we meet

Graham, I know from the brief dealings I have had with you in the past that you seemed pretty cool and I doubted the smack talk would be your thing.

If you are serious about wanting to fight Rob, please drop me a line.

Rob if you get tooled use the cowboy on him.

Tooled? The cowboy? This is all getting too weird. However I would be very keen for a fight in the 85kg range. Geoff is holding a fight nite down here in christchurch at the end of may. This could give me lots of time to pack on the pounds and rob enough time to lose some and hopefully everyone will meet somewhere in the middle. Do you still have the NZ title for that weight class or does it belong to some mystery person?

Graham what other guys you got down that way that are keen to fight?

There are some guys who would want to fight but you would have to contact geoff aitken. He does all the organising