Oahu Open Mat?

Does anyone know of a place/gym that runs an open mat/free train for BJJ? I'm looking for a place free of hawaii BJJ politics where skilled practioners could get together and talk/train BJJ.

i had a friend who trained a little bit at the bullspen and he kept telling me to come down on saturdays i think. i guess saturdays was free roll/spar/open mat or whatever.

i suppose they would of let me roll for free because i had a number of friends going there and even took a couple of classes way back when.

so i dunno, good question though.

yeah, i'm going to be on Oahu for almost the whole month of December. I'm looking for a place to train gi & no-gi. It seems that most of the good no-gi guys only train no-gi, and the good gi guys only train gi. And you can't train with both good gi/no-gi teams because of politics. I don't know, Oahu's BJJ would be crazy without the politics.