Oahu or Maui to live?

Need some advice guys. I've been talking about moving back to Hawaii (lived on Oahu for a bit after college) after grad school and I can finally, after 5 yrs, see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now to figure out where. I'm going to be working as an acupuncturist/herbalist and have been given recommendations of going back to Oahu or setting up shop on Maui.
Would love to some opinions on both, I'm coming from L.A, so I understand that things are expensive etc. All I need to be happy is clean water, nice people, fresh air, a good bjj school and a way to pay the rent.
Thoughts on each island? Pro's and con's? I have some friends on Oahu, but don't know a soul on Maui.
Will be out in April to spend some time in each place, but was interested in any opinions. Thanks.

Maui is the most beautiful of all islands. I spent 3 years there living on beach front property in the middle of nowhere and sitting on the rocky beach seeing several islands in the near distance on a sunny day or watching the stars at night without the pesky city lights contaminating the sky are things you typically cannot see on Oahu.

I'm very partial to Maui, but it can get boring. But as you said you're easy to please.

What did you do for work there? If you don't mind me asking?

I think it depends on the type of person you are. Maui is definitely more laid back. Night life is much better on Oahu. I would also say that since there are more people on Oahu, the economy is more forgiving on Oahu for businessmen. I like to visit, but I would get bored on Maui, sorry Maui boys.

I was in high school, so my experience doesn't help much. I really connected with a more 'spiritual' side to myself there. I became very introspected. Oahu is just fast-paced and often stressful.

1 major upside to Maui is their beer brewing company.

Maui CoCoNut Porter straight from the tank? heaven.

fuk oahu. infested imo.

Theres no room here stay where you are.

Oahu only because there are already to many people on Maui. I haven't given up on Maui yet even though those bastards are putting up time shares as far as the eye can see.

i would go to maui. oahu is too damn conjested. if you have no problem w/ no night life maui is the palce to go.

btw...i saw micros up country, so they are starting to move out there now. WTF!!!!

upcountry maui

yup...i couldn't believe it