Obama Nobel Winner? WTF?!

I think that it's time for HI to secede from the US and start riding the coattails  of the world's most powerful nation; a toss-up between either China or Russia. 

i think it's time to draft and then only those that serve get to vote. lol

armlok - backing our president's winning of an award has nothing to do with one's patriotism....especially that fukin goatfuk award and under the circumstances he won it. if such were the case then we as citizens MUST support all actions of our elected officials or we'd be unpatriotic??? WTF?

I'd willingly give my life for my country and way of life and hope that if such needs to be done then let it happen soon so I can be the one to sacrifice rather than my children. I know people who have served their country way more than I did by fighting and bleeding and feel the same. Their patriotism IS BEYOND QUESTION.

i figured you'd respond this way to my point of view. And listen, i know there are a lot more "qualified" persons to speak about Patriotism, but i'm just saying that "imo" when it comes to these worldly events it'd be more appropriate to stand behind him or whomever won such an award whether we agreed or not.

If we ever got a chance to speak to him or about him about US matters then i'd say let the shit fly, but i don't feel this is the case.

armlok, you have done way more than i in regards to protecting our country so i mean no disrespect whatsoever...all i do is give soldiers a nice place to stay.....and take their rent $$ of course ;)

I barely accomplished much in serving my country other than eat lucnh and drink beer.

The point is, the left sure as shit didn't support bush's FP and claimed they weren't not patriotic no???

Patriotism is about the coutry, its people and way of life, not the politicians and boolshit legislation or policies

I'm with Sub being 50% Democrat, 50% Republican, 50% Independent and do believe we as the masses don't know much about what really goes on on the national and international political stages. However, what I do know is that reality and practicality do not equal grandiose idealism. It's great to want healthcare for everyone but we're not going to get it by taking from the productive and giving to the lazy and it would be great to have peace on earth but we're not going to get it by singing kumbayah.

It pisses me off to no end that this administration rewards and even incentives irresponsibility. In the grander scheme of things, how do we as a country and a people evolve if we never allow those who make bad decisions fail? It's analogous to not prosecuting someone for a crime they committed. If there are no consequences for bad decision making, people and companies take risks that they possibly should not be taking.

But I digress. I would have preferred this prize to go to someone who has actually made a difference even if they were not American rather than get a booby prize based on a cult of personality.

BTW, the more prominent proposals on the table for universal healthcare is to tax the benefits that each and every employee receives from their employer? This means that for most of us here on the HG being Hawaii residents who have the majority of their medical paid by their employer will be taxed on those amounts to pay for those who are either unwilling or unable to pay for their own medical. Yeah, more money being taken by The Man.

"baaaa baaaaaa"- sheeple

Actually, the perfect analogy for our current political environment where gov't takes from us the productive taxpayers and gives to the lazy, stupid, uneducated and/or criminal is........... that's right the Micros!

while most of us are ignorant of the backroom machinations of the political processes, we see the legislative process and the results of those processes. We are also able to understand the the text of bills, participate in hearings and testimony and demand answers to them IF WE SO CHOOSE.....but most people have no idea how laws are passed, have never read a fukin bill and only buy into the rhetoric the spews out of the mouths of shitbird politicians and the media.

how many voters vote strictly according to stupidity of "parties" or single issue voting.....especially when it involves an issue that gives them something through a gov't services FUKIN SELFISH CRAP! and fukin politicians know this AND act accordingly.....hence the spread of socialism and the undermining of our form of gov't.

in the study of polisci it is generally accepted that the majority of voters are ignorant of the issues and the ramifications of the passage of bills into law.

I't no fukin wonder, off the top of my head....

what is:







classic liberalism?

limitations of power?

separation of powers?

civil rights?

constitutional rights?

dual chamber legislature?

branches of gov't and their duties?

foundations of our republican form of gov't?

what makes our form of gov't unique?

sovereignty...national, state?

International law and its application to States, non-State entities and individuals?


politicians exploit this ignorance and we lap their shit up. people like obama are better than their most of their peers at this shit when it comes to sugar coating it in rhetoric. bush was no where in obama's league when it come to this shit and was a lot more honest....for craps sake obama and the left shit bricks about patriot act, gitmo, etc and what the fuk have they done to so far???

I wouldn't have a beef if Obama was deserving of the award. I don't think anyone here can say he deserve the award because in reality...he has yet to do anything.

The people he beat out have gone thru more hell and has done more to help their country than Obama.

One Lady was an anti-corruption advocate in Columbia and was kidnapped by terrorist group opposing her and was held for 6 1/ 2 years.

Another one fought against discrimation based on sex, race, and gender in her country. She also helped negotiate the release of hostages from a guerilla group.

Another was a Dr. who fought to improve health for women and children in Afghanistan where women have no rights. She worked at refugee camps in Pakistan to help the needy. She was instrumental in getting the Afghan government to not force women to wear burqa.

One man was successful in stopping Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe's reign of terror.

Obama?......good at blaming George Bush for all the problems...bashes own country...steal money from our children's future....will tax or send you to jail if you choose not to buy government health insurance....

He should be ashamed of himself. He should take a good look at all the other nominees and say that they are more deserving and not accept the award for himself since he hasn't done anything worthwhile other than yap his piehole constantly. If he does that I will respect the guy. If not...we know what kind of jive turkey he is.

JFYI...nomination for 2009 nobel peace prize was closed 10 days after Obama was sworn in. That means someone submitted his name to the committee 10 days into his tenure and even before he has done anything. HMMMMM?????

^^exactly, the circumstances of his winning the award are a goatfuk.

the award itself has been made into a joke due to the fucktard politics of not just obamas winning but that of other politically motivated awardings

i like the dialog gang. serious...

i'll tell you in 8 years whether or not i think Obama totally fukt up.....and no i'm not saying he'll automatically be re-elected. i just think sometimes it takes that long to truly see things clearly.

Could we be totally screwed by then? YEP, but we were at that point last year already imo (if not before that even).

PS. at this point i don't really give a fuk about other country's problems too much. It's time for the US to start spending more time, energy, $$ on itself and less on all these other fukkin piss-ants.

ron paul

mad tiger - "baaaa baaaaaa"- sheeple

yay someone gets it!

taxes=slave labor to pay for war

get ready to make jerky and fill water jugs

spidergward - 
mad tiger - "baaaa baaaaaa"- sheeple

yay someone gets it!

taxes=slave labor to pay for war

get ready to make jerky and fill water jugs

Taxes are a burden to pay for many things and a necessary evil. Excessive taxes are something different. I'll willingly give a person a hand up but when I'm forced to give a handout, that's a whole different story.

As for tax monies to pay for war, the reasons for decisions for war are certainly far above our pay grades not to mention based on information (fully truthful or not) most definitely not for public dissemination. These decisions are not made in a vacuum and now that we're in the shit these idiot politicians can't use hindsight as an excuse for their past decision making. GW didn't invade Iraq unilaterally. Does anyone actually believe that if Iraq was a quick and absolute victory there would be any controvery? Hell no. Public sentiment changes with the wind. Everyone loves a winner and the majority are bandwagon hoppers. Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending the Iraq incursion or GW, but I will defer judgement to our elected officials in the aggregate as they have far more data to make informed decisions. That's what we elected them for.

And while Obama is certainly not the devil, he is also not the Messiah. America has long been down the path to obscurity and he is just perpetuating our downfall. We will one day be Great Brittan (or what once was "great"). Our political correctness and the need to feel good about everything has blinded us to the reality that life is tough and we need to be responsible for OURSELVES and not blame others or the government for our failures and to look to others to do for us rather than doing ourselves.

Pretty simple argument. What has Obama done to win a Peace award? I am pro-America which means I support our President, but I do not agree with most of his policies and decisions so far. The republican ticket was the weakest in years. I hope Rudy runs again. He is the America's best hope.


we are all working slave wage jobs and giving all the money back to a government that does not have our best human interests at heart.

education-brainwash lies that reward drone behavior

the american system is so corrupt ,that we have all become lost. we dont even know how to eat!!!!!

I DARE YOU TO KEEP A 5 DAY FOOD JOURNAL-the truth is possibly terrifying -

do you know anyone who is able to converse in a healthy loving manner(without being passive aggressive) while experiencing disapointment?

we are totally disconnected from nature,food source and discipline .

this is all on purpose---