Occupation: Fighter-now 45,000 ratings on Netflix!

Hey Whats up UG!,

I hope everyone had a great and safe 4th.

Just wanted to give an update on me and the film since its been a bit that i've been online.

The film Occupation: Fighter has now reached over 45,000 ratings on Netflix and I have been told it's been seen over 4 million times between the US and Canada! So incredible. Nobody ever expected this project to turn into what it has become. We also just got word that it is set to hit Brazil Netflix and network TV in October. Thank you guys for all the support you haven given me and the growth of the film. If it wasn't for you guys, none of this would have been possible.

As for me. I finally had my back surgery in February. These last few months have been spent rehabbing and core strength building. I can honestly say this is the FIRST time in my career I am completely pain free! I'm FAR from done. Only a few months in and i'm already feeling stronger, faster and more stable than ever. Reborn. I cant wait to get back in and perform for the 1st time at 100%. We are looking at an October comeback! Ill keep everyone posted.

Thanks again for the years of support.

Chad "SAVAGE" George

here is the trailer to the doc if you havent seen it.
(Blue namer can you imbed)


I've seen its a good watch always interesting to see the behind the scenes footage to see how the pros prepare themselves.

Best of luck in your recovery VTFU. Phone Post 3.0

Cool, I'll check it out.

Just started it yesterday. It's very good. Phone Post 3.0


You are the man Chadwick.


I hope you make some good money off it

Great documentary im huge fan. Good luck with your comeback can't wait to see you fight again. Phone Post

Wow. That was crazy last night. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks for the love! Phone Post 3.0

Shit I didn't know this movie included a UGer. I will definitely watch now! Phone Post 3.0

Was a killer Doc!!

Looking forward to seeing you back in the cage ASAP.

Glad to hear the back is healing up nicely. Phone Post 3.0

I enjoyed it. Phone Post 3.0

TTT Phone Post 3.0


It was a awesome documentary ... If you haven't seen it go watch it !!!! Phone Post 3.0

Chad youre one of my favorites! War Phone Post

what kind of back surgery did you have?

great documentary, hope you make a full comeback

Thanks for the support UG. Stoked everyone enjoyed the film. It looks like my come back will be in October. I cant wait. 18 month layoff is way over due. And to be able to do it pain free for the first time in my career is beyond words. Here is a new promo that was put together to help promote my return. Thanks again for all your support. I cant wait!!