Oceania Judo Results

100kg+ Semir Pepic (Aust)
-100kg Martin Kelly (Aust)
-90kg Daniel Kelly (Aust)
-81kg Morgan Endicott-Davies (Aust)
-73kg Abedias Trindade (NCL)
-66kg Heath Young (Aust)
-60kg Cyril Chevalier (NCL)
78kg+ Jessica Malone (Aust)
-78kg Sisilia Naisiga (Fij)
-70kg Cathy Arlove (Aust)
-63kg Carly Dixon (Aust)
-57kg Maria Pekli (Aust)
-52kg Lisa Uhlich Archbold (NZ)
-48kg Sonya Chervonsky (Aust)

All the aussie winners have qualified for the olympics. Here is a news article about it.

My wife and I have Steph Topp staying with us for a few days - the entire drive from the airport to our house was Judo talk i.e. who's in, how did they fight, which divisions, how did they perform etc.

Great news Morgan Endicott-Davies: one of the journeymen of Australian Judo, it was always a lesson in Judo whenever I fought him.

Morgan has brilliant classical judo, he certainly pulled it out at the right time after going through a bit of a rough patch of form in part due to illness recently.

How did Steph go in the final against Arlove dutch?

Steph lost in the final (i.e. got 2nd Place) but don't recall how... I'll ask her tonight. She said she was really pleased with her performance and felt that she had played really well during the competition.

Nice view that: i.e. even if one doesn't "Win" you're able to still take great pride in what you've achieved.

I like that spirit, tell her alex from mac judo said congrats.

Boohoo! What happened to the Kiwis!???

Chewie - she says hi back (and you're sweet or something???)

The final was decided on two yukos - one for a 15sec pin and the other for a sumigashi.

Re the Kiwis... well you see they can play rugby and... well let's just say they tried their best }:-P