Oceania Results

100kg+ Semir Pepic (Aust)
-100kg Martin Kelly (Aust)
-90kg Daniel Kelly (Aust)
-81kg Morgan Endicott-Davies (Aust)
-73kg Abedias Trindade (NCL)
-66kg Heath Young (Aust)
-60kg Cyril Chevalier (NCL)

I think pretty much all these guys will go to the olympics for oceania.

Normal - I knew Morgan from the World Sumo Championships. Also, how did the Qerawaqa/Takayawa brothers from Fiji do?

The NCL guys can't fight for their country, right? They'd have to go through France.......

that Pepic fella is yogoslavian or something originally.

any word on how Epoki Fakosi from tonga did at -81kg? he trains with us sull-time. he's also married to sandy bacher.

I think Qerawaqa lost to semir in the final and Takayawa made the final as well losing to Martin Kelly. Yeah i suppose the runners up get the spots from the NCL guys.

Semir is from Slovakia, which used to be part of czechslovakia. He only just recently got his Australian citizenship. Don't know anything about Epoki except he didn't make the final.

Here is some more info here:

thanks a lot. appreciate it.

Hey there,
I fought in the Oceania championships at the weekend for new zealand, that tongan guy fakaosi, he got thrown for ippon in his first match, and then lost his repecharge

pete7... hey, what's your name and what weight do you fight?

i heard that at -81 there was a bit of controvery.. something about the guys from australia not fighting in the final and giving the win to one of the fellas cause if the other woulda won then the guy from fiji woulda been awarded the spot...?

Hey, my names Peter Broom I fought at 73 kg I lost to Trinidade the guy who won and then went thru the repecharge to 3rd. In Oceania there was 3 comps to qualify, the worlds, the us open, and the oceania championship. At 81 kg the fijian had 6 points from placing 5th at the us open, basically if 3rd place loses to the eventual winner then he gets 12 points the same as the guy that came second, so if the australian who beat the fijian in the first round had of won the final then fiji would have taken the olympic spot. So the australian withdrew from the final letting his mate take the spot.