Oct. 10 - Josh Burkman out

Josh is out of his fight Oct. 10. Check it out:

Date: Sep 11, 2006 9:03 PM

Im outta my fight Oct. 10th on fight night... But its cool, I get surgery friday... I'm gonna let it heal this time so about 6,7 weeks to let it heal and Ill be ready to fight in December- Hopefully they'll let me beat Koshchecks ass or Diego... hmmm, that'd be tight!
Until then come into the gym, opening Sept.30th to the public!!!
27th st gym- come and learn American Whu-hitu, O 4 Shoo!!

Somehow I don't think he'd beat either guy.


What type of injury/surgery?

I was impressed by Burkman against Neer. He's a wild card for sure.