Octagon the Book

 I was fortunate enough to win the UFC's contest giving away a copy of Octagon the Book.  I am working on uploading pictures, but I am a moron, so that may take some time.  Pictures can be seen on my MMA clubs facebook.  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bismarck-Mandan-Mixed-Martial-Arts-Club/7786519203 

 It weighs in excess of 50 lbs.  400+ pages and open is about 4 feet across.  Mine is number 589 of 600



Box it was shipped in...note the guest room quilt


Inside Box


Dust Cover


Front Cover (white gloves were included)


Oh my

Autographs (Kevin Lynch & Dana White)

what does it say?

Interior Picture - Randy

That's going to be hard to read on the crapper.

Interior Picture - GSP

"That's going to be hard to read on the crapper."

If I read it in bed and fall asleep it would smother me.

Interior Picture - Play find the midwest boys.


Interior Picture - Hughes / Gracie

Can we get a rough weight approximation of that bad boy?

Interior Picture - Karo


Sweet cover.

I was just adding the weight to the original post. Shipped at 65lbs. Book itself is in excess of 50lbs.

I won it by entering their online contest. Luck of the draw.

Wow!  I would love to have that book...unfortunately, I'm poor. lol

How much were they selling this book for?