ode to wrestling

Ok, I saw a poem on here called, "ode to wrestling", and I can't seem to find it anywhere. It's been about a week or so, and I'd love for my son to read it. Anybody know where I can find it?

One of my old team mates at Purdue sent it out to the rest of us. His cousine wrote it and posted it on ther fantasy football message board as a goof. Everyone who used to wrestle can really relate to it. I got flash backs about stuff I havent thought about in years.

here you go

"Ode to a Wrestler"

Calling my name, report to mat four
Sprinting through halls to settle a score
Run to my coach who's already there
Forgot my headgear so he throws me a spare
Walk to the table and tell them my name
Look to my side while he does the same
Go to the circle and snatch up my colors
Head to my corner and there is my brother
Puts on my anklets, then slaps my face
Dad grabs the strap and snaps it in place
You know what to do, now go take control
Then cracks my ass so I'm ready to go
Take a deep breath and step on my line
No help out here, this match is all mine
Ref says shake hands and lets keep it clean
I reach out my hand and truly look mean
Ref blows the whistle, they scream in the stands
We cannot hear them, it's man against man
A flurry of fury, a fight to the end
One final whistle, then we shake again
This moment is earned, this moment in time
One arm is raised, and that arm is mine
A lifetime of training for six minutes of war
The whole cosmic battle, reduced to its core
Some warriors win and some warriors lose
But we chose to wrestle, us glorious few

J.D.G. 2008




 ^^^^^I wrestled for 10 years and I agree with Your fathers.

pretty cool.



Thanks boilerbrawn, thats what ive been looking for. Going on the wall in my wrestling room as we speak.