Odessa-Odds for UFC 50?

hey joey-
I tried to email you again but haven't heard back. I was wondering when you thought you would be putting up odds for the next UFC on sportsbook.com. LMK and hope that all is going well!

Mezger -3500

Ortiz +2750


I have $7000 to win $200 on Mezger! LOCK!

They will be up at sportsbook.com by friday, and most likely on Monday at Pinnacle.

I havent gotten any emails from you. I may have to check my spamk folders. Often I miss emails since upgrading my system. I apologize. Shoot me out another or fire the question in here if you want, as I frequent the UG pretty much daily. Thanks.- Joey

Hey Joey, what do you take in consideration when making the odds for MMA?

Just curious


Thanks joey-
I will try to email you again later. it was mostly about the best way to make a partial withdrawal at sportsbook.com that would be hassle free. looking forward to seeing those odds!

Hey boss. I always deal in cash and book 2 book transfers because I am offshore, so its hard for me to suggest a good withdrawl method from sportsbook.com. I will look through my emails 2nite and see if your email arrived. Here's the withdrawl options below.

Sportsbook.com accepts withdrawals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all withdrawals are processed with 48 hours.

Click on the logos below for more information on each method:

Go straight to our payment processor to make a Quick Withdrawal:

There are many different methods of payment you can choose from, Check, Fedex, Direct Deposit, Bank Wire, Firepay, or Neteller.

New Withdrawal Policy There are no more Fedex and bank wire fees charged, regardless of the amount of the withdrawal. Your first four withdrawals are free of charge each calendar month, regardless of how the withdrawal is sent. However, if you request 5 or more withdrawals in a calendar month, each withdrawal after the fourth will be charged a flat $30 processing fee.

Please note: On any withdrawal, Sportsbook.com will first attempt to credit back to your card any funds that you have recently charged to that card. The rest of your winnings will be sent using the method of your choice.

For example, if you deposited $200 via credit card, your current balance is $500, and you wish to withdraw $500 dollars; $200 will be credited to your card and the remaining $300 will be sent via the method you choose.

Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is required before you can withdraw any funds from Sportsbook.com. It is a further step in securing that only you can access money in your account. This number was sent to you via email when you signed up.

HOSTILE- You can drop me an email if you want and I will answer the questions. I dont really wanna post answers in the forum and smarten up the public. Thanks.


Ok bro, thanks

Hi Joey- will pinnacle take action on UFC50 for sure? Any idea when they will post the lines? I opened an account this weekend and now I'm nervous b/c there's nothing else I would bet other then MMA. Thanks.

Pinnacle has UFC up.

Sportsbook.com also has a couple PRIDE matchups up as well as of this morning with more to come.

Thanks joey... I was looking under boxing

LMAO @ Tito fighting Patrick Cote.

Mike Whitehead will also kick some ass I'm sure...

Tanner -153 and Salaverry looks like decent bets, maybe a small wager on GSP even though he will most likely lose.

Trigg also has a good shot at beating Charuto IMO.

The MMA Gods like to break my nuts in half. Lately whenever I have picks where I don't bet money, I do well. Then I drop $500 on Kimo and he goes out there and fights like shit.

Ain't life a biatch? lol