hook a poor basterd up!

I got it if no one else steps up


when does this thing actully start any one know?

First fight of the evening starting now.

It has started. First bout Bautista vs. Medina? couple small fuggers battlin it out.

God look at those empty seats for a great potential fight. Vegas is such a shithole shame. boxing capital my ass.

you are right.. i wonder what the walk up ticket is going for.

they will be lucky to fill the lower levels...

WC- you ever see the UFC prelims?

I'm sure those seats will be filled by the time the main event rolls around.


Bautista kinda reminds me of a younger Tito Trinidad.

the place will be packed by main event.

[parks self]

"WC- you ever see the UFC prelims? "

yeah, and?

Those seats are always empty too. Wont be a seat in the place come main event.

it's still pathetic.

little mfers are slinging

pull guard medina !!!!!!

Get Bautista a blue belt, stat!