ODLH vs PBF 24-7 ?

Did anyone watch the 1st installment of HBO's 24/7 shows on DeLaHoya / PBF ?

If so, does anyoen recognize the mits that Roach is wearing? The look like Winning brand but I don't think Winning makes any blue colored mits ?


I did...liked it alot. I saw pix from the DLH photo shoot and his physique
did look as good as it did on tv

i thought they were ringside, but i wasn't really paying attention

they were winning

just finished watcihng parts 2 & 3. Man they really did a good job w/the
series. Top to bottom. Music is on point. Really cinematic.

Good job. I've got some folks coming over for the fight Saturday night that haven't seen the series. Thinking we'll cue those up before the ppv to get everyone going.

anyone see the new Jordan boxing shoes DLH is wearing in part 3?

Red high tops.....fuckin DOPE!!!

doesn anyone have a link to part 2 and 3?