Official Crow-Eating Thread

I made two predictions for Pride:

"I take CroCop to win it all.

I also think Coleman can take Fedor."

Well, I officially eat crow. Wow.

Adam from Conn, Silesian Crow-Eater

well a prediction is one thing... to go on and on about how a guy is going to win and anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot is something else

No one could have predicted that Fedor sub Coleman like that and that fast and of couse Kev's left hook from hell.

I thought both Coleman and Randleman would get the takedowns early and not do much with GNP with Fedor and Crocop finishing them up in later in the fights.

Coleman didnt fight bad against Fedor, i think it was more Fedor's improving and Coleman's inactivity.

Randleman, fuck, he's the MAN!

Yeah, I never called people idiots over anything.

That's true.

Adam from Conn, Winged Hussar

I picked Miller over Giant Silva's awesome Giant Jiu-Jitsu, I know some fine crow recipes if you need one :P

Adam has owned up to his mistakes, and has inspired me to do so as well.

I was wrong about:

Sentoryu, I thought would GnP Silva.

Cro Cop, I thought would waste Randleman.

There are a ton of guy that need to be on this thread who picked Coleman to beat Fedor.

Come on boys own up and admit that you were insanely wrong!

Especially you Gator man! haha

You should have listened to me, Adam. remember how before we started watching it I CLEARLY told you that the monster was going to KO Crocop? OK, me neither. Eating crow as well, but at least I was right about the #1 contender in the tourney-the one and only GIANT Silva!!!

7 and 0 this Pride with my picks, 7-1 last UFC (got FrancaxEdwardes wrong)

If put aside any bias you have against a fighter, and just look at things in a cold, clinical manner while picking these fights, its not that hard. Too many people on the UG are emotional with their picks, picking a fighter they like, or going against another because of what style they train, or calling them boring.

Just the facts please.

The only fight I called incorrectly was Crocop.

Yeah, neither fight went the way I expected.
I knew in the back of my mind that if Kev's g 'n p was on he could possibly make a repeat of the Bas fight without gassing and I figured Coleman would at least put Fedor on his back once...but the reality of what happened was pretty wild.

Fedor showed some pretty good movement for a big man and that armbar was as good as anything Mino has ever done.

Kev's standing KO of Mirko (he was out and woke up only to be KO'd again) was a massive upset just because of HOW it happened. I think most of us knew Kevin could win somehow, but not like THAT!