OFFICIAL Invicta FC 54: Live Thread

Seth Meyers Lol GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers

Tired Good Night GIF by MLB

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Butt your Posting in the Thread


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Any updates…

McCormack via RNC, 4th rnd.

What do u get when u mould Shevchenko and Wellie Zhang…

You get the winner of tonight’s main event

Brotha you are better off cutting yourself and watching blood dry

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Then what am I going to do on Sunday night?


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That thing looks like one of those Capri cigarettes

Elements , Paper thin , great taste , less filling

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Pffft, you drug smoking hippies…

Excuse me while I don’t judge u guys. :heart:

As I’m just going to bed now :pensive::sob::see_no_evil:at noon UK time (and our clocks went back earlier tonight so I was meant to get a hour extra sleep…

I really need to stop the white powdered stuff and just smoke/vape Weed again…

2024, New and not quite improved (but hopefully) version of BB
Coming soon

Kumpletely AGREE