Official Maia vs Shields Brazilian poster (pic)

Cant see anything... Hoping they went with AJJ vs. BJJ angle.

Silva vs Kim will be interesting. Phone Post 3.0

This is one main event I'm def NOT looking forward to.

All other 3 on the poster should be some fun ass fights though!!

Is Shields holding back a fart, or did he just smell one? Just curious.

This poster looks...shady. Phone Post

Shields has his "I don't wanna" face on Phone Post 3.0

I can't get past hammil's last fight. That was a top 5 worst fights of all time. Maia pawns Shields bad unless Shields pokes his eyes out first. Phone Post

Hoping for a good grappling display from Maia/Shields. Kim/Silva is hard to call. Silva is gonna kill Hamill and retire him once again. Phone Post 3.0