Official UFC 281 Thread (prelims 6pm, Main Card 10pm)

LFG I’m pumped about this one fellas



Carla will probably lose I’m just taking her cause I want her to win lol

Dude is legit terrifying. I just hope he’s focused


He is a scary guy. The first time I saw him was at a 2014 Glory Kickboxing event in LA. Before his fight he was just screaming crazy by himself like an animal. It was primal and he has been intimidating to me ever since. Should be interesting watching 2 Glory Kickboxers rematch in MMA at this level.

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Overly rushed Pereira. Adesanya already invited Pereira to fight in his backyard in kickboxing (Pereira had only about 20 matches while Ades about 100) and he beat him. But this a different backyard with a bigger shed and Ades had time to hone his many tools while Pereira had relatively little with the few tools he has.

At the end of the day this is a question of whether Adesanya willing to use the additional tools he got along the way or let his ego win and show everyone he can beat Pereira with the same old tools.

Esparza about to have a beating similar to Joana’s. She didn’t deserve the obnoxious response from the obnoxious New Yorkers and will come highly motivated against a far superior martial artist.

Hooker-shouldn’t be on main. Sugar daddy Izzy put him there.
Edgar should’ve received a lesser opponent. Let an OG go out with some respect.

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This is gunna be one fuck of a night!!!

I promised myself no booze till 8pm ET cause I wanna remember it.

This is gunna be siiick


TTT 4 Vegi


It’s almost time

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Is anyone here actually rooting for Izzy?

  • Prelims: 8 p.m. ET | 1 a.m. GMT | 12 p.m. AEDT
  • Main card: 10 p.m. ET | 3 a.m. GMT | 2 p.m. AEDT
  • Main event: 12:15 a.m. ET | 5:15 a.m. GMT | 4:15 p.m. AEDT
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come on molly!

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picks for the undercard? any bets?

we up, going to lose money again this week because its all Iknow how to do

I got negreanu

Nicalue aint going to be an easy fight

Pretty sure your not allowed to use that word here

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