Ogawa Comments On Pride HW GP

This interview is from the Pride site on April 14th in Japan, so it was two days ago in the States. It sounds like Ogawa is serious about winnning the GP, or so he claims. Quite interesting that Sakakibara himself claims they want to maximize the chances that Ogawa advances on to the second round - "He won't fight the big 3 right away", Sakakibara continued. Ogawa plans on fighting all the way to August. I'd like to have someone big waiting for him at that time." Now that we know they picked Leko, this is interesting... Here's the main three paragraphs:


"He's just chasing himself," Sakakibara explained. "Even though he's doing Hussle, he still has to fight in a place where true strength is measured. You've got to look past the nearly self-abusive chasing of himself. Him ripping up the PRIDE GP poster is a show of his feelings and confidence. If he loses in the first round now, even more people will wonder what the hell he was doing. It's that Ogawa that we are really looking forward to. I think it is Ogawa's tough resolve that led him to enter the GP."

At the previous press conference, it appeared that PRIDE General Director, Nobuyuki Takada, challenged Ogawa to enter the Grand Prix. However, Sakakibara made it clear that it was actually Ogawa that wanted to fight in the Grand Prix. "We, at DSE, hadn't imagined that Ogawa would be in the GP. We thought we might get him for a special one-match in July or August but fighting in the GP was Ogawa's idea. He said that if he's going to fight, it might as well be in the GP."

Now the focus is on who Ogawa will fight in the Opening Round. DSE said that Ogawa didn't care who he fought, including the big 3 (Fedor, Nogueira, Cro Cop). "He won't fight the big 3 right away", Sakakibara continued. "Ogawa plans on fighting all the way to August. I'd like to have someone big waiting for him at that time." Of the 16 spots, the remaining 2 spots (including 1 vacancy) will be announced soon. "We're currently in negotiations with several foreign fighters. We're waiting on those results.

I guess Coleman didn't get the same consideration.

Ogawa vs. Leko smells like a work to me. Ogawa has never had a legit match, and Leko has an injured back and was thinking of dropping out. So, and injured Leko does the job, gets a nice pay day, Ogawa sells some tickets, and then gets "injured" and drops out for round 2. I hope this isn't true, but Ogawa's history puts this match in doubt.

No, Goodridge got payed extra to, not throw the match exactly, but to basically take it easy on Ogawa.

Ogawa is also known to have refused offers from Pride before in the past, unless his opponent agreed to lose.

I actually don't think it will be a work. Ogawa has the same repuation for being a real "tough guy", an actual fighter, in Japan. He's 6'4" 250 and a Judo Silver medalist. If they wanted to give him a fight he might win, why not pick one of the smaller K-1 fighters and count on Ogawa getting a throw and then an easy ground finish? I think it will be interesting and if Leko can avoid the ground for awhile he could get a surprising KO. Work, no... but a good matchup for Naoyo, much more than say Herring.

Yeah he will beat Leko work or not. Leko is too one-dimensional and if he was smart he would have gone and trained with Mirko.

The Golden glory fighters have the worst takedown defense on earth. Leko will be on his back in seconds.

However, I can see it now:Ogawa will fight the winner of the Silva/Senteryo(whatever) in round 2 sealing him for the final four.

I then see him matched with Crocop and Mirko getting revenge for Leko and KO'ing Ogawa.

It would sell big time because Crocop and Vanderlei are the two most popular Non-Japanese in Pride and Ogawa is a home-town favorite.

LOL Ogawa will get killed ive been waiting a looooog time for this "Work" master to get his ass kicked in a REAL fight.

While Ogawa vs Leko may not mean anything for the MMA Hwt top ten list, it is a fun matchup - Judo vs. Kickboxing.

I don't have a problem with Ogawa doing works in pro-wrestling any more than Enson or Barnett doing the same thing. lol

I expect Pride to run a legit tounament. Ogawa is a real athlete who brings a large audience. Great idea if you ask me. He is far more legit than Giant Silva.

Has Goodridge gone on record about his fight with Ogawa? If he has somebody post a link please.

there was an interview with gary goodridge like just last
month where he said pride offered him $90,000 to do a work,
he demanded double, pride refused, so they really fought.

Puhlease. ALL of Ogawa's fights have been works, including the Goodridge one.

"Ogawa vs. Leko smells like a work to me.''

Yeah I smell it too. That and reading what Sakakibara said about maximizing his advance to the second round pretty much sums it up to me..

LOL are you guys Fuckin Blind just look at his Record none of the people he has fought are Real fighters but Goodrige Ogawa is a JOKE and any real MMA fight fan knows it.

Why has he not fought someone like Mino ,crocop hell Herring?
because he is a fake.

Only Japanese pro-wrestlers i have respect for are Tamura,Fujita,Sakuraba because they put it on the line and show they have skills to hang with MMA fighters

He isn't very good but I respect Takayama for giving it his all every time out.

"Why has he not fought someone like Mino ,crocop hell Herring? because he is a fake."

What a bizzare statement.

I may be in the minority, but I hesitate to call a silver medalist in any olympic combat sport a "joke" or "fraud" or "fake".

Even if we assume for a moment that his wins over Ghaffari, Satake, Peters, and Vrolijk were all legit, it still doesn't prove a whole lot about his MMA ability. I think we would agree on that.

If Kurt Angle jumped into the UFC I would have the same reaction. As long as it is legit, I can't wait to see what he can or can't do.

Just as Angle's would be (hypothetically), Ogawa's participation will make this Pride GP a bigger event.

If you are going to bitch, do it about Giant Silva.

"I may be in the minority, but I hesitate to call a silver medalist in any olympic combat sport a "joke" or "fraud" or "fake". "

Dude Judo and MMA are two different things Pride Fed Ogawa chumps they knew he would beat untill he fights a REAL MMA fighter with REAL MMA skills he is nothing more than a show man.

They are indeed two different things. Thank you kindly for the information.

He deserves respect for his accomplishments though. A man who places near the top in BJJ/Judo/Wrestling/Boxing world-level competition is a serious athlete with serious MMA potential. Like it or not "dude".

I am not arguing that he should be in the top ten, but damn the hate on this guy is incredible. I don't get it. It is like everybody is buying his puroresu persona (which would be quite funny).

Again, I am humbled and awed by the knowledge that MMA is different from Judo. (prostrates himself)

Goodridge got paid a lot more money then usual to fight Ogawa

I know the Japanese fans want to see Ogawa...but this really sucks for American fans

I'm not sure if Leko knows anything about wrestling or submissions...so, Ogawa might legitimately beat him....but more then likely Leko will job to him, cause Pride obviously really wants Ogawa to advance in the tournament

2nd Round....Ogawa vs. winner between Giant Silva and Henry Miller

Then the Big 3 will all be begging for the chance to fight Ogawa in August....cause whoever fights him will surely win the tournament

Like I said....great for the Japanese...sucks for Americans to watch :(

Sha Bi has IPPONED the correct.


I don't mind fans that just don't want to see him. Everybody has their own opinion, that is cool. But why the hate on Ogawa when the weak links in this whole event are Silva and Miller. Hell, Leko might be terrible too! He has never had a fight. I love Takahashi, but he has no chance in this heavyweight tournament. None.

Yet the hate flows and flows for Ogawa.