Ogawa Might Win It All

If he is as strong as he looked the other night, he's got a real good shot. He beat a premier K1 fighter with a punch. And nobody is going to want to go to the ground with him, except maybe Nog.

Nog would dominate him on the ground. But yes, I think the winner of the GP will probably be either Fedor, Nog or Ogawa.

You think Fedor is going to be afraid of him on the ground?

Afraid of killing him maybe

Nog, Fedor, and probably Herring and Schilt too, would beat him.

Randleman has no chance against Ogawa.

Well, not in the Pro Resu Match they are working in 2 weeks. Ogawa will win by flying powerbomb.

In a real fight, I think that Randleman has a good chance of actually raping our friend "Mr Chicken Hustle"