Oh those crazy Ninjas!

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A 19-year-old man has been jailed for life for murdering Barnsley milkman Ronnie Kettridge with a ceremonial dagger.

Jamie Lee Osbourne, of Abbeydale Road, Sheffield, was guilty of "an act of horrendous savagery", judge Mr Justice Nelson told Sheffield Crown Court.

His girlfriend, Adele Silkstone, 17, of Vikinglea Close, Sheffield, was detained for eight years after being found guilty of manslaughter for her role in the killing.

Mr Kettridge, 56, was found bleeding to death on the Prince of Wales Road in the Manor area of Sheffield by a passing taxi driver in the early hours of 5 April.

Stab wounds

The father of two grown-up daughters, who had been married to his partner Pauline for just five weeks, was driving to work at the Co-op Dairy in Norton, South Yorkshire, from his home in Birdwell, Barnsley, when he was attacked.

The court heard that Silkstone pushed a button on a pedestrian crossing and Mr Kettridge stopped his car as the lights turned red.

Osbourne, a martial arts fanatic who was dressed as a ninja, then jumped into Mr Kettridge's car and stabbed him four times in the face and once in the chest.

He threw Mr Kettridge out of the car, stole his personal belongings and left him bleeding to death on the road, driving off in his victim's car with Silkstone by his side.

The judge said the circumstances in which Mr Kettridge died were so horrendous "words seemed feeble instruments to describe them" and the recollection of the details "chills the blood".

that's fucking horrible. It doesn't seem rational to do something like that. He will get out in 15 years and be Twice as crazy. and probably alot bigger. I don't really believe in the death pnalty but...come on!

And he'll be even more nuts, on account of all the poo pushing that he shall receive whilst in prison.

And, egads, he'll have even MORE free time to play with his chemistry set and concoct even better SMOKE BOMBS with which to carry out his heinous Ninja deeds.

May the Lord have mercy on us ALL!

If it was Scott Morris the mailman wouldve given him a beatin'

I knew that there were still some real ninjas left!

I'm changing back to my fist love...fuck MMA!!

Mmmm..."Fist Love". I have a lifetime membership to that website!

I'm a ninja, your a ninja, shes a ninja, we some ninjas, wouldn't you like to be a ninja too!!!

Masaki Hatsumi, Stephen K. Hayes and Michale Dudikoff RULE!!!

"From: glock4life: I knew that there were still some real ninjas left! I'm changing back to my fist love...fuck MMA!!"

Uh..."fist love?"

Please tell me that's a typo.