You not only have the best apples :) but the finest women on the planet! I miss you so much!!!

Dave & Alex thanks for treating me like a true friend! You guys know how to run a first rate show and I want to say thanks! And thanks to everyone who hung out with me im sure you crazy ass Canucks had a good time with the crazy ass MEXICAN! haha :)

Sincerely the man who OWNS a key to Montreal,


Ps: As Arnold would say: Ill be back! To live mutha fuckas haha :)

and down haha

We miss you too Barnone, it was a pleasure working with you bro...i'm sure you'd fit right in with the Montreal scene :).

In addition I would like to thank everyone who came out and supported APEX:UNDISPUTED! I can't wait to get the next show rolling!

Dave shoot me some mail brother adambarnoneguerra@msn.com

And yeah I miss you guys to your all class!

It was great meeting you Adam. The northern crew had a hoot while ruling Downtown Montreal.

Apex had some awesome bouts, cant wait for the next one.


ttt Thanks Pete you and your guys were cool as hell! APEX is a great event for sure!

Damn Pete! I missed you again.
I guess I should've called first.

Anyways, there'll be other times.

I'm already looking forward to the next APEX.

You should have come out and played with us Scott haha. Hey your right there will be other times for sure cause this mexican is taking his ass north of the border. :)

lol Adam you are too dman much man. I read somewhere u claim to have tighter skills with the ladies than me?? Mexican or not DO NOT be CRAZY... I wasnt even trying to do my thang that night and you know full well the X-man and I had to beat those chicks off with a stick. :)

either way we will have to settle the score when you come to Ontario in april..

hit me up at


Claude lol you crazy fucker haha its good to see you on here man! :) I miss that plac a ton bro. I look forward to moving there man.

Those women are off the chain up there haha. You only had to beat off two though and I had to beat off more. Ill email you the pictures hahaha.

And if someone wants to post the pics here email me adambarnoneguerra@msn.com

Claude ill be in touch amigo.

ttt so I can have a blue namer post pictures to whooop Claude in a female snatching match haha :)

No pictures bro. no pictures!!!! this is bad becuase i do not remember any pictures that night just going out dancing coming back to the hotel chilling with some people and eating chicken wings with X in the hotel lobby while dressed in only shorts.. Bro it was hillarious the front desk guy just looked at us looked at the time and said forget about it let em stay.. lol

what happend in montreal stays there.. NO PICTURES :)

LOL @ Claude

Old dog on the porch syndrome, but bad. You know, the old dog lying out on the porch in the sun, might lift his head up and 'whuf' at the passing cars, but no way he's going to lever himself up out of his comfy spot to go chase them with the young pups. That's Claude with the ladies. Too many years on the porch getting fed from the bowl and scratched behind the ears.

Tight skill with the ladies? -- puh-lease! If for a second you thought your lady checked out the UG, your shpincter would cramp shut and you'd be editing almost as quickly as I :)

The only former ladies' man sadder than you is me.


Joe "Wish I were young" Kilograma

PS: When you coming back down for some more of that crazy jungle waterfall training?

ohh JOE you truly are a modern day classic :)

and for the record my lady has been known to check out the underground .. so if you reading this baby they are all bad liars :) joe in particular..

LMAO Claude is an honest man thats for sure so if Claude's lady does read this he is inocent. :)

Did I read 'apples' in Barnone's original post?

I definetly will have an 'apple a day' for a very long time...;)

Hey Showdown i forgot to ask you something before you left...HOW ARE YA? :)



That's how you spell it...:)

I am Showdown Joe's Dr from here on out! :) Apple a day keeps the Dr away... :)