Ok 4 Ludwig but not Penn?

Im just wondering amidst this furor of Penn fighting K-1, why Ludwig, Sudo etc can fight and be invited back to K-1 but Penn can't. double standards?

so Penn leaves..its going to be a recurring issue too. dont even bother crowning LW and WW champs, because as long as their continually lowballed in contracts theyre going to keep walking.

bottom line is Zuffa wants to dictate to Penn how much money he can earn per year. If they lock him into a deal where he can ONLY fight for them (for chickenfeed) and they control how many times per year he can fight, and how much they promote him, they essentially have full control over his earning power.

how many of you, in any line of business would knowingly put yourself in that position?

especially when he has quite clearly said he would like to still fightin the UFC, similar to Genki or Bang going back and forth.

Grumpy you know nothing.

legends hit it correct grumpy you know nothing but bull shit.

If Bang owned ROTR then I bet he would be on his ass too. For now he will have to wiat until he fights BJ to land their :)

Although I don't know where I fall on this whole debate (Zuffa or Penn), I do know that you can't compare Penn's situation to Sudo or Bang's.

And then to have a know it all tone on top of that????

Grumpy gorilla is a matt huges jock rider.... You all should know that by now

Because Ludwig and Sudo weren't holding belts.

Randy and Busta both left while holding belts. Both were stripped of the title. Stripping BJ would at least "bring the belt back", but they needed to do something to try and prevent title-holders from leaving in the first place, thus the "ban" from UFC.

I hope that BJ kicks ass and puts it right in the UFC's face!!!!

I think orcus is correct.

It's not like this was a once off, it happened to previous champs, so Penn knew what to expect.

I don't think it's right, but what can UFC do? Apart from give him more money, but I think K-1 and pride's pockets are just that much deeper..

yep, he had the belt, bottom line.

cuz bj fought in another organization(where he fought gomi) and that was cool, remember?

bj had no contract with anyone when he fought gomi...
"banning" him from the UFC isn't about him fighting while holding the belt... he even offered to voluntarily give up the title... remember?...
it's more about zuffa trying to show boat and "punish" someone for not doing exactly as they were told...

and yes... GrumpyGorilla is a disgruntled Hughes jock rider who apparently has never really recovered from Hughes' loss to Penn... but there are lots of Penn fans who don't have anything negative or disparaging to say about Hughes... so I guess that just kind of makes GrumpyGorilla a 3rd grade ass...

BJ still wanted to fight in the UFC even if the pay wasn't as much as k-1 .

Grumpy I would like to kick your ass.

"cant have champions losing in other organizations when ufc is competeing to be the lead event in mma bj should have respected that before he even won the title.."

how long can the UFC compete to be the lead event when all its best fighters leave, because they obviously arent open to negotiation??

and what has Penn losing in another country got to do with the UFC belt?

was it only ok for Liddell to fight the GP because he didnt have the belt? If he had the belt would they have taken someone else?

"Randy and Busta both left while holding belts. Both were stripped of the title. Stripping BJ would at least "bring the belt back", but they needed to do something to try and prevent title-holders from leaving in the first place, thus the "ban" from UFC."


yeah, they could start by paying fighters what their worth

i'm threw talking about the UFC...let's focus on ROTR and other top events...i would like to see SHOOTO become a major force in uniting all MMA org's into one world body...under unified rules and weight classes...something we all thought the UFC was gonna do...

ROTR is fast becoming a top player in MMA promotions...let's just hope they dont screw up and fall by the wayside like so many other events have...

sexz, dont waste your breath on that moron

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Hughes career over??

Zuffa did the right thing?

Close the division?

you're 0 - 3

better quit while your behind.

"I feel sorry for Matt because his career as a fighter is over.(I think he would beat BJ 9 out of 10 times)"

yeah, and then you woke up

sounds like someone got donkey punched one too many times on here......

Please explain to me why it was ok for a former UFC (see below) champ at 170lbs to fight in several other organizations while holding the UFC title and it's not ok for BJ to do the same.

Name Pat Miletich
Nick Name The Croation Sensation

Loss Carlos Newton Submission (Choke) UFC 31-Locked & Loaded 5/4/2001
Win Kenichi Yamamoto Submission (Choke) UFC 29-Defense of the Belts 12/16/2000
Loss Kiyoshi Tamura Decision (Majority) Rings-Millennium Combine 3 8/23/2000
Win John Alessio Submission (Armbar) UFC 26-Ultimate Field of Dreams 6/9/2000
Loss Jose Landi-Jons TKO (Towel) WEF 8-Goin' Platinum 1/15/2000
Win Shonie Carter Decision EC 27-Extreme Challenge 27 8/21/1999
Win Andre Pederneiras TKO (Cut) UFC 21-Return of the Champions 7/16/1999
Win Clayton Miller Submission (Triangle) CC 2-Cage Combat 2 5/30/1999
Loss Jutaro Nakao Technical Submission (Triangle Choke) SB 11-SuperBrawl 11 2/2/1999
Win Jorge Patino Decision UFC 18-Road to the Heavyweight Title 1/8/1999
Win Mikey Burnett Decision UFC Brazil-Ultimate Brazil 10/16/1998
Draw Dan Severn Draw EC 20-Extreme Challenge 20 8/22/1998
Win Al Buck Jr Submission (Choke) MS 1-Midwest Shootfighting 1 6/27/1998
Win Chris Brennan Submission (Choke) UFC 16-Battle in the Bayou 3/13/1998

Because it was before they got back on cable.