OK, im staying because.....

...well i have nothing better to do when im bored waiting to go to work and I have a blue name.

So I have decided rather than abandon you sick perverts im gonna join you....so see you at the Tapout Forum.

Oh and this IS MMA related cos when I first watched the UFC, in the beggining I wanted Royce to lose every time is saw him fight and Ken to destroy anyone in his path. NOW, I want Ken to lose to Tito and Royce to beat Hughes. So what im saying is things change and im back. Most of you dont know me, some of you do, most important thing is no1 cares....


I knew you couldnt leave us dude ha ha .Girlfriend said you could stay didnt she ;) Good to have you back mate

tito and royce will never beat hughes not possible

The UG is impossible to leave once you've been.

MMA.tv = It's like Hotel California, once you check in.... you can never check out.........

wooooooooooooooooo wooooooooooooo

*eerie sound above*

this place is like crack lol

>>admit it, you're really staying cause you love us<<