OK so if Fedor ISN'T The GOAT...Who Is ???

So if Fedor IS NOT the greatest MMA fighter of all time...then who is ?




These are sh!tty answers. The die-hard Fedor haters can't come up w/ anything better ?


Gomi, Hughes or Igor would not be bad answers if Sakuraba and Fedor were not allowed

GSP and Anderson are on their way there

Yeah, but then Gomi sucked.

Fedor hasn't sucked yet.

if fedor unifies the belts he will be the goat but not until then.

 Nick Thompson





 Nick Thompson

Morgz -   
Damnit. you win


 Heheheh... THE GOAT leaves room at the top for all fans!


The real mother fucking GOAT.

Technically fedor is the GOAT right now, but give GSP and Anderson Silva some time and they'll surpass Fedor easily. GSP already has one of the most intense resumes ever. Once he retires, your mind will be blown.

Royce Gracie

he is...so why ask