OK State pounds Iowa State

just got back from the duel meet and okstate just killed Iowa State 27-6. It was my first opportunity seeing the Paulson twins and both of them got annilated. I forget which is which but Hendricks at 157 won like 7-1 and Espozito at 149 won 13-4 and both of those matches werent even as close as it sounds they were thoroughly dominated.

Johnny Thompson beat #1 ranked Zach Robertson it was either 5-3 or 6-3 and he looked great, its about time he turned it around he has been lathargic all year long, if he wrestles like he did today hes gonna win national championship #3.

At the end of the match the announcer made an announcment that ostate had 24 takedowns and iowa state had 2 which is unbelievable.

This is the first time the team has actually looked like the real cowboys this year from what I've seen, looks like Smith finally got them in shape and motivated cause they looked terrible in the beginning of the year for their first couple duel meets.

We have a murderes row from 149-184 that just dominates. Espozito, Hendricks, Tyrone Lewis, Pendleton and Rosholt is as good of consecutive wrestlers in a lineup as i have ever seen.


Thanks for the breakdown. Looks like the Cowboys are starting to wrestle to their potential.

Good Job OK State.

sounds like a good team