Old man got some Hand!!!!


The old man have boxing credentiel for sure with the head mouvement and is punching power!!!

that is shoguns dad

fraz1001 - 
Rambo John J - that is shoguns dad
For real? Phone Post 3.0


Nice Phone Post 3.0

Does remind me of shogun a bit Phone Post 3.0

Dayyym those were heavy hands Phone Post 3.0

The man is at least 55 years olds just portray how dangerous he was in is mid 20.

JamesQc - The man is at least 55 years olds just portray how dangerous he was in is mid 20.
I would say at least 65 Phone Post 3.0

Poor kid had no idea what he was getting into. He should just be thankful he didn't fight a prime Frankie "Fast Hands" or they'd be zipping up his body bag. Phone Post 3.0

Crazy Phone Post 3.0

lol what a motherfucker!

Dammmmmb shunnnnnn Phone Post 3.0

I love how he just held up his WMDs and just walked away when they called him off.

They were not speaking Portuguese, sounded like Italian.

God damn, sounds like bags of cement hitting the floor...


In for mobile Phone Post 3.0


Vicious rigth left combo by another elder!!!

JamesQc - http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhq29Ak0OsW7bZ41U7

Vicious rigth left combo by another elder!!!

Somebody needs to beat the fuck out of this guy....

He reaches out to shake heads... then punches the guy when he looks down...


What a cheap shot.


This time the logic is respected and the old man get put to sleep!