Old Matt Thornton/SBG single underpass variation?

More than a few years ago I remember seeing Matt or another SBG instructor showing a single underpass variation.

One arm goes under the opponent's leg as usual so you can pass to that side. The second arm is usually controlling the other leg. In this variation, the second arm is gable gripped to the first, with the grip set at the opponent's groin or even behind their upper thigh. It looks like you are hugging your opponent's leg wayyy up high around their hip... then you kind of throw it by to finish.

Anyone remember this variation or use something similar on a regular basis?

Leg on shoulder pass.
First pass that Rickson showed us.
Don't throw the leg, smash it into him to make them want to move it. Hand position can vary, i like to control the far lapel, you just have to be aware of your elbow to not flare it. I also like to post a leg under his hips to keep them elevated, so his base is essentially his shoulders.
See Joe Moreira, he has a 5 dvd set on using this pass.

cdog1955, thanks for responding!

I'm pretty familiar with the leg on shoulder pass. I hate how my opponents try to pull my free arm through to triangle.

This is a variation where rather than controlling the free leg with the other arm (to prevent the triangle). You grip your hands together and put them behind the guys thigh. Now the guy definitely doesn't have the leverage to pull on your arm.

Then you can finish however you want I guess. Last night I finished with the traditional hip smash but I remember SBG teaching it with a throw-by-like motion. Guess I'll experiment more and then get back to you.

Sounds like a good question for the SBGi sub forum. Its under Community Forums.

does anyone know where to find the old Joe M set? I cant find it anywhere, who sells it?

It's not just an SBG thing. Phone Post 3.0


Is this what you're talking about? I know Chris Haueter is or was associated with SBG.