You gotta hand it to these guys. Good old school NHB when there weren't very many shows to fight on. Good skills, determination, respectful competitors and friends, very little heat and a little bit of matting.

Henry Matamoros fight - Wisconsin Vale Tudo (7 MB)



Is WEF "Going Platinum" on DVD?

Once again, thank you Mr. Walls. Thats one of only a few of Henrys fights I haven't seen. TTT for the crazy Costa-Rican!

It will be very soon. The DVD authoring is done but we have several cover designs to finish.

I know Jason Strandberg (the ref) was there - I'd like to hear your stories about this event.

Man, those were the days...

Funny how far the sport has come along.

Henry looked like he couldn't even close his guard around that dudes belly!

AHHHH, the old head against the radiator technique.  You don't see that everyday.   LOL.

In all seriousness though, it is awesome to see how far we have all come and it's guys like them that helped spread NHB to the world.

TTT for Old School NHB. 

Ahhh. The early days of MMA. No commissions, no blood work and sometimes secret locations.

ttt for when i get home.



was that a tooth that guy spit out?

BTW Johnny you are the man!

gotta love the monkey

Nice improvised armbar to end the fight. That was cool.

How long ago was that?

ttt henry rocks!!!!