Old UFC's on DVD?

Will they ever release the old UFC's on DVD?? Those were classics! UFC
out to release these on dvd with a low price! I think they would make a
ton of money!!

1&2 will be out soon as a double set.

I dont think the missing fights will be on the set though. I saw the set on a UK site and they didnt list them.

They will probably do more earlier dvds.

Wouldnt you think they would have all the fights though...

where did you hear that UFC 1 &@ would be out soon? Can you provide a link?

Well Dana did say they planned on releasing the older UFCs in a recent interview.

Not sure if he was just speaking of UFC 30-38 though.

I have them all on VHS i recorded from PPV, and have a DVD burner that im slowly transfering them to DVD with. I watch some of the rental VHS copies and they dont have the after fight interviews on them. I have the whole show.

Sorry STINKIN, they dont have the missing fights on the set I saw. I didnt bookmark that site I saw it at. It took me forever to find it again. Click on the picture for the link-

This is a euro version. I still get the impression that the US version will be the same :(

thanks for taking the time to find the link and posting it...very interesting

No sweat Sijan.

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Last I heard, they said it would be out approximately March 2005

tsdabjjfighter can you hook me up too?

I wont buy them if they DONT have all the fights and behind the scene footage! They better be $9.99 or less if that is the case.

tsdabjjfighter can you hook me up too?