Oldtimes: Remember Dieusul Berto?

This guy fought MMA a long time ago, about 10 years ago in a few events. He was based out of Florida. Anyways, I was watching friday night fights on ESPN last night and he was there.

His son is Andre Berto, an undefeated, but untested 11-0 prospect who won easily last night on the undercard for the Guinn vs. Harrison fight. Berto is a 2 times amateur champion as well. After the fight they showed his dad Dieusel and mentioned him and how he was an MMA fighter in the past. Good to see he was doing okay, I'm pretty sure he had some really serious health issues a few years back.

Don't think he did the UFC, it doesn't show on the databases I've seen. But he did fight in Japan and lost to Huge Duarte way back in 96'. I think he was a private detective professionally...Didn't know he did the worked Shootwrestling/pro wrestling stuff back in the day.

I wonder how much grappling his son Andre knows?

"I wonder how much grappling his son Andre knows? "

I'm sure he knows a little bit, his brother is a D-1 wrestler in Florida.

Damn that awesome about his brother. Did any of you watch the fight? His opponent was 14-6 and had no chance of winning, he just covered up and threw once in a while. Andre's working his way up though like any other prospect. They said he was supposed to be on the US olympic team but something happened and he ended up fighting in the Olympics for Haiti instead.

UFC 10 is right! I saw the fight with Kahlman on the database but thought it was in the UVF like the Duarte fight.

DIdn't he get into a really bad car accident?


I think you're right Slapsy. I know he had some series healthy issue and that accident rings the bell. I think he was chasing someone (he's a P.I.) and he got into a really bad wreck. Something like that.

Berto is a very nice guy. One of his sons Edson James Berto is fighting MMA in the upcoming AFC!

all of berto's sons are very well rounded.
there are no D-1 wrestling schools in florida.

Just saw this right now on adcombat for the AFC card next week...his kid is gonna fight!

Edson Berto (Tigers World, Winter Haven,Fl) v. Sung 'Matt' Lee (Team Elite, New England, ME)