Oleg: Khabib became champ cause he listened to me

Former MMA fighter and UFC champion Oleg Taktarov - about the victory of Khabib Nurmagomedov over Dustin Porye. The Russian took over the American by a strangulation in the third round of the main fight at UFC 242 in Abu Dhabi.

Taktarov at the beginning of the broadcast in his Instagram spoke about other fights of the card with the participation of Russians and urged users to be patient with the phrase "Habib suffered 30 years until he got something." Only after that he analyzed the strengths of the Dagestani and his father Abdulmanap.

"What Babai, we'll call Abdulmanap like that, did well, is that he gave his son and fighters to coaches who know what he himself does not know," Taktarov said about the story with his virtual conflict with Khabib's father. - Why tear up the old and demolish the monuments? Well Babai began this, for fun, he has a good sense of humor, and are you discussing this? Learn to respect the story!

In 2008, I presented Habib with the prize for the best technique, despite his fight. They told me that he had not won yet, and I called the approximate minute and the submission (choke) with which he would win. I knew him as a boy, not to say that I was nursing him, of course. But he himself, maybe, will someday tell that there was one moment why our meeting was decisive and did him good.

What was most valuable yesterday was that the son completed his father's program. Obviously, he doesn't especially listen to his coach Mendes, and there were more tactical mistakes with Conor than yesterday. And yesterday he worked 99 percent correctly. Yes, he ate one punch, but he came out all white, he was nervous. This is a normal occurrence.

I said that if there is no knockout in the first round or second, then Khabib will "eat him". But Porje ate himself. A person of this level loses not to someone, but to himself. Habib learned to strangle much better. All jiu-jitsu things do not work, they only work in training, where everything is in a beautiful kimono. In training, I always say - you guys do not need thousands of tricks.

Habib has two methods - passage to the legs, control, asphyxiation. You do not need all these fancy things, Brazilian or others. Dustin began to choke through his hand, made first, second, third attempts, and, of course, gave up his last strength - and Khabib strangled him. Man punished himself.

Tony Ferguson said Porrier has a bad habit of working near the net. He explained everything before the fight. Basically, I said the same thing. These are obvious things.

If the next battle will be in America, and Babai will not be given a visa, I would be very afraid for Habib. How he performed the task of his father was a pleasure to watch. Habib in the USA is an underdog. Mendes is well done, but he is not a father. He will never listen to him as a father. I warn Habib - do not be self-confident. This is the way to lose.

At the end, Taktarov noted that there would be no misunderstanding between him and Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov, if not for the press, and also wished everyone to listen to his words: "Khabib listened to me, became the champion, and Shlemenko did not listen, and became Shlemenko."

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A good read. Many nuggets of wisdom in there. 

Oleg is 100% correct about...father plan




Oleg is an underrated legend.  He was my favorite fighter in the early years.  He never gets the proper respect he deserves.

Wasn't one of the post event questions to Dana about confirming Oleg as the first Russian UFC Champion?

Looky -

Wasn't one of the post event questions to Dana about confirming Oleg as the first Russian UFC Champion?

Yes, and confirmed that.