Oleg threatening to tear some Dagestani dicks away

MMA veteran Oleg Taktarov throws threats at the representatives of Dagestan, who left him unflattering messages on social networks. In his video message during a live broadcast on Instagram, Taktarov made it clear that he did not intend to forgive them rude words to his parents.

“Dagis will not live to see apologizes. I’m directly telling you this officially. Moreover, Dagi will live to see me ripping out some of their tongues. And for some of them, I will just tear away their dicks, if they have them. This is the message that is now surfing the Internet. I clearly said to whom, I said this to those who write about doing something to my mother on the back of my father. These so-called Caucasians ... I already have a list of 12 people. Think it over. 12 scums from the Caucasus wrote about my mother. They haven’t grown up yet, they don’t even know what it is. Where did they get these words? I’ll wait until they grow to 18 years old and will punish them,” said Taktarov.

A day earlier in the same social network, Taktarov said that it was necessary to “extinguish the hearth” in the Caucasus by the method of General Alexei Yermolov, whom the former fighter considered the hero of Russia.

I imagine this thread would have gotten a bit more comments about 7-10 years ago

touch -

I imagine this thread would have gotten a bit more comments about 7-10 years ago

No. This just isn’t noteworthy. Oleg fighting internet battles with trolling teens is more your thing than it is everyone else’s. That’s all. 

Consequences will never be the same!!

I love translated russian trash talk

Could you imagine being one of these kids who forgot they trolled Oleg then on your 18th birthday you walk outside and Oleg is out there in your front yard waiting to Curbstomp your ass.