Oliveira says he'd be a 'fool' not to fight McGregor next if given the opportunity

Oliveira says he would ‘definitely’ fight McGregor next.

they need a Million Dollar man Money Belt for these derailment money fights for Conor and just fight for that.

million dollar man cash GIF

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I’d fucking love that idea. It probably makes more sense than the BMF belt. And Conor never loses it, just like Dibiase :rofl:.

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Charles will weather the storm once again, take Conor to the ground and add to his submission wins.

I don’t see this one getting hyped up so while he would get a bigger pay day it’s not a red panty fight for either.

conor doesnt want that smoke. all he wants is retweets

That’s what Dustin thought as well. Then a well-fed Dustin fought for the title…