Oliveira Warns Islam, Khabib, Ali About Arrogance - I’m Coming To Your House

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Good, go fuck yourself


Somebody tell horse face that team Islam/Khabib already accepted to kick his ass in Brazil but the UFC wanted Abu Dhabi.

3 In 1 Hand Truck GIF by Sheds Direct Ireland
Keep talking shit, Charles

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Lol wtf


He’s right. Charles is the only one talking shit cuz he’s shook.

We haven’t heard from Khabib or Islam in weeks.

Islam is getting laid the rest on October 22nd, 2022.


That’s because they don’t want the wrath of the hand truck again!!!
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Islam already turned Oliveira down 3 times in the past 5 years.

twice at 155 and once at 170
Islam is going to sleep in his backyard

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No I mean wtf is with the gif

I don’t get it

nice watch :joy:

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I already explained the “Conor threw a hand truck at Khabib” joke, Jesus Christ lol.

but we have heard enough from you :laughing:


Good one?


Olivera looks like a Latinx Neil Brennan.

I’m not following

(J/k it took me a bit tho - I’m kind of slow)

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My joke was kinda retarded too since Conor isn’t in this mix and he’s the one that threw the dolly. Be safe out there, dude.

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Oliveira is already winning. He is hyping the fight. Islam is boring and isn’t going generate interest.


Good for Oliveira bringing more eyes over to see Islam whoop his ass.


Yeah the hate for him / nut huggery of Islam is weird

I’m thinking butt hurt Dustin or Gaethje fans

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Islam is going to kick Charles’ ass. That’s not hate. He’s a sizable favourite for a reason.