Omaha Show April 9th

A.F.C {All figthing championship} at sokol hall south 2021 u street
omaha ne April 9 doors open 6:30p.m fights start at 8:00p.m tickets are
$20.00G.M $35.00Table

An early card looks something like this below. It will probably change though. Dunn, the promoter, told me that he's going to try to get 12 fights lined up for the showing knowing that normally some of the fights don't happen as the last second.

Tim Bazer v Shawn Nolan
Dave Drey v Manuel Quiroz
Brian Dunn v Matt Albright
Dan Anderson v Justin Kretzer
Nick Wright v Jake Ellenbarger
Donnie Hamilton v Joe Fullerton
Tim Ellenbarger v Cameron Wells
Travis Fulton v Chris Carter
Greg Poor v TBA

You just made me happy as a clam.

Well Unfortunately I am going to be at home in Lincoln watching the TUF Finale, but oh well maybe next time.

I don't know if that's the real date for the TUF final. One of the guys I train with said it was going to be on the 14th or something.

Nope it's on April 9

DAMN you for having this the night of the TUF finals