O'Malley down for a 'sick fight' with Yanez, but calls post-UFC Vegas 43 comments 'stupid'

Assuming O’Malley beats Paiva in a few weeks, is O’Malley vs Yanez a must fight early in 2022?

I’d like to see it.

We’re just about at the ceiling of what I think we’re gonna see with O”Malley IMO. He’s talked himself into a tough spot. Should have taken the Edgar fight when he had the chance. If you beat him, you beat a first class UFC legend. If you lose to him, you were unranked and lost to a first class UFC legend, and even if you do, it’s probably via a wrestle fuck decision. O’Malleys road is about to get tough, starting with a lot of crafty veterans.

It should be a point of concern for O’Malley and his fans that in his last fight they brought in a jobber from the regional circuit that he couldn’t even finish after he threw the kitchen sink at him for three rounds