O'Malley vs Edgar in November?

Is Sean O’Malley versus Frankie Edgar a fight you would want to see next for the legend and upstart?

Sure. I don’t see why not

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with talk of the UFC wanting to book O’Malley’s next fight against No. 8 Frankie Edgar. But to O’Malley’s point, what’s in it for him to make that jump?

Lol O’Malley complains and gets s wrestler. Par for the course.


Frankie has gone down hill but he is gonna beat that candy ass. This is the worst fight for O’Malley and his career will be over after this, unless he has an excuse ready before hand


Fuck him.

Go Frankie! O’Malley will have earned this if he wins at least. Finally.

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If Frankie loses this fight he should retire


This is a reality check for everyone. We are about to see what Frankie has left vs what the New Guy can bring.

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I’d love to see it. Would absolutely make my night if it looked like Yair v. Frankie.

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Please Frankie break this dude’s face


This! I think Frankie gets the TKO. He will catch the skinny little skittle and drop him. GnP until the ref stops it.

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He will. If he cannot he should quit

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1st round KO for Sean

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O’Malley whoops him easily. It’s not 2012 anymore.

All due respect to Edgar, the guy fights like a rabid dog.


This is a good fight for both guys, Edgar is not the fighter he once was but has a name and is still a huge step up for skittles, if Edgar wins he beats a guy who has a bigger name than he has earned.

Skittles gets a guy on the decline that would have killed him years ago and Edgar gets a guy that’s not as dangerous as his previous fights.

Hope Edgar sends this kid back to the B leagues


Martin O’ Malley via clean KO

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Edgers been on a losing streak Id prefer someone else

I’ll certainly be said if Frankie gets KOd from some random straight punch.

maybe Frankie has another good fight left in him but id prefer someone on a winning streak

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