OMG you guys, the UFC can't win with you.

Complain when it is a wrestlefuck saying you want more stoppages

Now n the biggest stage, ther is a fight that ends in under a minute, and you bitch that it is too short.

I even read how somebody wished it was a 5 rounder...

The glass is ALWAYS half empty around here.


the show on sportsnet pacific showed guida henderson then cain vs dos santos and the demarques johnson fight.i thought it was good

All of you are newer members. You have to understand that ten years ago, when a U.S. fighter was going over to Japan to fight in Pride, and made a vague remark that he might throw a fight that he later lost to a Japanese pro wrestler with no prior real fighting experience, there were tons of people on this forum predicting death and doom for the UFC. Pride was going to take over, yada, yada, yada.

They have been proven wrong time and time again. But they just keep posting. And then they bust on you all for not being here since the paleolithic era. Trust me, it was no different back then.