Omoplata iTunes App: by Lovato Jr.

  The most decorated American jiujitsu competitor Rafael Lovato Jr. has released his omoplata application. Those who are familiar with Jr. and his game know that he is a master with this submission.

Available now!! his knowledge of this versatile move can be purchased via iTunes (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) as an application. This is a must have for all bjj practictioners who are looking to improve their game - Check it

This is the 1st of a 3 part series!

How much for this one, and the next 2? Phone Post


Just bought mine. Waiting to be near a Wi-Fi connection to download it.

Mathhias, how do you like the app?

It's nice. Very good for me as I'm trying to work on my bottom game subs and sweeps. He's a phenomenal guard player, always looking for openings for submissions. Can't wait for the updates.

It's pretty good. Honestly it's not overly extensive, but there is decent detail and a couple of points I hadn't noticed/been taught before.

If you don't mind the $5, it can't hurt. If you're hoping for something amazing or revolutionary with the omoplata I'd say skip this one.

For a convenient little app though, not bad. Phone Post