?? on ADCC DVD's

I was thinking about getting the ADCC 2003 DVD set that just came out. For those that have seen the discs, how is the picture quality?

I just remember pics from the event being crappy due to the venues lighting.

The picture quality is actually really good. The only bad part is that there is no sound. All you hear is one of the Shiek's favorite CDs playing the entire time. The drums get a little irritating after awhile.

It's O.K., though. Where else can you see Roger Gracie take Mario Sperry's back? Some of the matches on these DVDs are TOO good!!!!


I mute them anyway.

Ever see the ADCC DVD where the camera man has a cold? The dude is sniffling and hacking during the entire disc set. Sounds like the mic is on his upper lip.