On paper Cyril has overwhelming advantages over Francis

I have no idea how Francis wins this if he doesn’t KO Cyril in the first.

Cyril has:

  • Stamina
  • Technique - More technical and a more experienced striker.
  • Fighting style - Relaxed, playful, light and point based fighter. That’s a terrible match up for somebody who is powerful but tense, like Francis. Cyril is great at measuring distance.
  • Versatility - He’s a full striker. Punches, kicks, knees, elbows. From all angles.
  • Grappling and wrestling - At least equal. Maybe even better.
  • Size - He’s as big as Frances, maybe less powerful, but big enough to neutralize France’s strength.

Frances has:

  • Speed - Maybe
  • Nuclear power

If you watch their sparring sessions every time Cyril starts attacking and landing Francis freezes and stands still. I think Cyril will completely sap his energy in the first two rounds and will finish him in the third or fourth.

And he will make it look easy.

I like Francis and even though I like Cyril, I would like Francis to win just cause he is a man against the wall and I want him to tell UFC to fuck off, but it’ll be a big surprise if he wins.

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Francis has the great equalizer just like Deontay Wilder. Most of the time it lands.

I think Gane is special with the way he moves and his technique as a large HW. I could see this one going either way.

Funny you mention Deontay Wilder.

Ngannou vs Gane is very much like Wilder vs Fury. Look it how it ended.

Power is nothing if you are hitting air.

Gane isn’t some grappler with decent striking or Overeem who’s been getting KO’d his entire career. There’s really no reason to believe Ngannou will even come close.

And even though Gane is considered inexperienced, he’s really not. Think what most heavyweights are doing for “experience” early in their careers… Beating up fat guys in low level MMA organizations. Are you going to learn more from that or fighting Muay Thai at a pretty high level while getting a lot of rounds in?

If Gane fights smart and keeps the fight clean and avoids a brawl it’s his to not only win but dominate

If Gane wins, he likely dominates, except for one or two sequences. He will put a complete "point striking clinic. But to count out Francis is crazy. Dude can KO anyone.


yes this is why i picked gane to win a long time ago. copy cat thread is copy cat jaja…

Cyril will make it look easy