On your side - which arm to armbar

Let's say that I have someone in my guard and that I'm on my side, perhaps with my bottom foot on his hip. What my arms are doing doesn't really matter as far as this question goes.

Which of my opponent's arms would it make more sense to armbar?

I have the feeling that if I am, say, on my left side, it would be a bit more high percentage to armbar my opponent's left arm.

What do you think?



I also like to armbar the left if im on my left. But when I do it from a open guard situation like that i usually turn facedown and on my side facing his feet.

If you're on your left side, it is easier to armbar his left arm because it's easier to put your right leg over his face because your right leg is already up in the air.

But, it doesn't really matter because you should be able to switch which hip is up very easily and smoothly.