One Dragon Takes Gold USJF Judo!

Congratulations to Adrian (The Secret Weapon)Chevez, Robert (T3)Freliech, and Christian (Jigaro) Perez for taking Gold and the Florida State USJF Judo tourney!

One Dragon was scheduled to take five to compete but David Perez had the flu and Jonathan got called to work Ultrafest so could not make it.

Way to go team!


Awesome... a big congrats!

Very Cool!



congrats guys.. we are all very proud of you!!

Kewl! Felicidades!

wow, congrats!

One Dragon just going from strength to strength!!

That's fantastic! Congrats to those guys. Adrian, Christian and t3 are
only going to get more amazing. Scary.

-Matt Thornton

Nice - more great news!


Man this is great!

This is just one more example of the caliber of coach that Luis is. The guy is simply an amazing athlete, coach and most importantly, person.

One of the most telling indicators of Luis (and Matt's) ability was that even though I easily weigh three times there weight, they were both able to control me, and in turn beat me...without hurting me.


cool - congratulations. i'm sure one of the biggest thrills a coach can get is to see his students succeed.